Let’s get something out of the way first – I have no magic pill … It is all hard work and sweat. You have to get comfortable with uncomfortable and learn how much fun and self-realizing it brings. Your coach and workout buddies become like a family that gets to see you in not-so-nice moments. But this is not a bad thing, this is how true friendships are made – no faking and no make up. You challenge yourself, push yourself to be better than yesterday and everyone else will help you …

Programming is variable, allowing you to work on different skills while challenging different groups of muscles at different intensity. You will improve your overall wellbeing, health, mobility, strength, balance, coordination, mood and much much more.

Classes are one hour long and consist of a warmup, stretching, skill/strength work, workout and cache out

  • Warmup, gets your blood going
  • Stretching, prepares your body for the workout
  • Strength/Skill work, lets you practice a certain movement
  • Intense Workout, challenges you
  • Cool Down, gives you a chance to do extra work or stretch to soothe those tired muscles

I offer personal training and group classes:

  • Group Classes – are held in a gym environment or outside (weather permitted)
  • Personal Training – is customized for the client and their specific fitness needs. Location wise, it is also up to the client to request home, gym or outside setting.

Please use Contact Page to request more details.

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