About Me

Hello, my name is Zorica! Nice to meet you!

Everything changed in April 2012. It has been a year and a half since my younger boy was born and I was chipping away at getting back to shape. I heard about CrossFit. Then, I saw some women doing it. Woooow, I was blown away. Totally. How can they do this? This is impossible! I have to try this … So, I did. I joined the introductory course – and my life was not the same.

How can I explain the change? It is hard to say it in words, I think it needs to be experienced. Most people who are doing CrossFit regularly will tell you it was a life changing experience for them. I get it. However, anything that comes to mind: you get stronger inside and out, you feel better, you improve your senses and awareness of your body and what it is capable of … sounds like a clich√©. It is all true, though.

CrossFit is hard work. It challenges you, mentally and physically. At the same time, it is so very much rewarding and worth it! Just one step outside your comfort zone …

I am a certified CrossFit Trainer. My job is to expand your limits and empower you to do things unimagined. Your body is the most complex and delicate ‘machine’ you will ever experience – and you do it from a unique standpoint: it is YOUR body, the one you have to live in. So, I invite you to get to fully know yourself and be amazed of what you learn: what you are capable of, how powerful you are …

I am a mother of two young energetic boys and I am a strong advocate of letting children explore their bodies and its possibilities through active play. We can learn so much from children – they are naturally more flexible, energetic and fit then most of adults who, due to modern static life style, lose some of these abilities in time. My kids keep surprising me with things they can do at the gym and they say they were just ‘playing’ while I was doing coaching or my own training.

I love nature and being outdoors. I enjoy being close to water and known for jumping into any pool, lake, river, sea, ocean to take a swim – with sharks, at cold weather, walking through mud and seagrass … I like swimming, kayaking, jogging, biking. I especially enjoy jogging in the rain.

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